Skin and Hair That Are Spring Ready

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We well know, when the seasons change, our skin makes sure to let us know it needs some extra care. This is an ideal time to give yourself a facial and use a hair mask to rejuvenate yourself and feel ready for the spring weather.

Keep Your Body Moving Every Single Day

Keep Your Body Moving ,A lady working out

In the winter months, it can be hard to stay motivated to go to the gym and keep your body moving everysingle day due to frigid weather. We totally understand that! It is why we have a list of low to moderate exercises you can do at home, which will keep you moving into the spring season..

Be Your Own Boss Now!!!

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Having a set schedule for work doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle and needs. ScissorsCut sees a need for beauty professionals having some flexibility in their working lives; not everyone can work salon hours or work every day, for that matter.

Advantages of In-Home Beauty Care

Family open the doors to someone coming in

There is great news… In-home beauty care services for you and the whole family!!!
Now you can book a haircut, or makeup for special events, or even you can have someone come wherever you are to pamper you by doing your nails or by providing the skincare services you want. ScissorsCut will take care of you!

It’s Time for Self-Care!

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We all need self-care in our lives to look good and feel good. So what does that entail? Self-care looks different for each of us. Here we’ll go over some ways to practice self-care that will enrich your life.

Downfalls of Too Much Sugar

two people eating sweets

Sugar is not great for our skin or organs and depletes our energy. Here at ScissorCut we always want to make sure you not only focus on your outer looks, but want you to feel good on the inside too, below discuss how sugar affects us negatively and some sugar alternatives.

Start the Year Off Right After the Holidays

Start the Year Off Right After the Holidays

Whether you are looking back on the past 12 months in appreciation of your accomplishments or deciding on goals you want to work on and achieve in the year to come, one thing that you can focus on all on your own or with your family is your well-being from the inside out.

How to Change Bad Nail Habits

How to change bad nail habits

We spend so much money on having beautiful nails, whether they’re acrylics or natural,
and yet we sabotage them, now and again. Why is that?! There are many bad habits that we indulge in whether we notice them or not.

Nail Art For The Holidays

Art Nail For The Holidays

It’s time to have a little extra fun with our nails! Here at ScissorsCut, we look forward to getting a bit more creative with designs, styles, types of nails we use around the holidays. 

Fall 2021 Hair Colour Trends

If you are looking for a new tone for your hair and have a little fun this season. We will go over finding the right colour for you if you’re not sure what tones suit you. As well as how to keep the colour from fading and your hair from damaging.