Vision Board and Achieving Goals in 2023

Creating a vision board

What you want this year to look like and what you want to accomplish. It could mean reflecting on where you are professionally speaking, with your health, beauty, or wellness, if not all of the above. Awareness of where you are right now and where you want to be can help you break down your year into quarters or seasons to help plan out what you need to do to achieve your goals.

A New Hybrid World

Holidays and New Year’s Eve are already here! It feels like just yesterday we were starting 2022 and now we are saying goodbye and preparing for 2023!!!

Grooming 101 for Men

A barber doing his job

There are so many options for men’s grooming products –skincare is no longer just for women but for men too! There are products in all price ranges, with a diverse group of ingredients that treat various kinds of skin types

Freelancing Tips For Beauty Professionals

October is Small Business Month in Canada, and as a business that seeks to uplift and support small business owners, we don’t want to let the month go by without acknowledging all the talented freelance beauty professionals

Dedicating Time For Yourself Is A Must

Parents having a relaxing time

Now that children have gone back to school, we can make more time for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is not just something we should want —it is something we need.

Summertime is still on, so have the latest nail trends…

It’s still time to wave to summer with our perfectly manicured hands. Some of us play a lot with colour and designs all year long, but some of us wait until the summer to let loose and have fun with our nails. So let’s talk about some cute designs we should try this summer, now that the sun is out, the weather is warm, and the days are bright.

How to Prepare for a Pool and a Beach Day

Two people and a dog tanning

Hot weather calls for fun in the sun in a pool or —at the beach. The heat beckons us to keep cool by splashing around while also enjoying the sun. Swimming and playing in the water are some of our favorite pastimes in the summer. We love spending time with our friends and family members while at the same time bathing in the sun and the water.

Find Rejuvenation in Nature

Lady with long hair in the ocean

Life can be genuinely stressful and hard to decompress from. There can be any number of things weighing on you. When you are stressed, it can deplete your energy and make routine tasks difficult to complete.

Multi-Purpose Makeup Products

Multi-Purpose products

The mask mandates have expired, and while we may still wear masks from time to time, we are definitely excited to get to wear some makeup again! It is something we know many of us have done sparingly in the last two years. Since makeup does expire, we’ve had to replace some items from our kit.

Skin and Hair That Are Spring Ready

A lady in ther back floating in natural water

We well know, when the seasons change, our skin makes sure to let us know it needs some extra care. This is an ideal time to give yourself a facial and use a hair mask to rejuvenate yourself and feel ready for the spring weather.