Introducing Patricia, Founder and CEO of ScissorsCut App

Patricia ScissorsCut App Founder and CEO

ScissorsCut App is a beauty app that’s connecting certified hair, nail and skin experts with people who prefer to receive services in their own living spaces. The at-home beauty services provided are for busy families—but there’s more. The app is an absolute gamechanger for beauty professionals looking for new ways to grow their businesses.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the businesses that flex are the ones that survive and thrive. Patricia Dominguez is not only the founder and CEO of ScissorsCut App, she’s also a money and wealth coach, entrepreneur and busy mother of quadruplets.

She sees the problems solved by this beauty app from all angles. She’s lived it and now she’s offering a genuine solution that will help you advance and grow your business. 

At-Home Beauty Services with a Beauty App by Patricia Dominguez

At ScissorsCut App, we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Patricia than with her own words. So, we asked her some questions and published her answers here.

Join us, won’t you? We think you’ll find Patricia’s wisdom in the areas of family, business, entrepreneurship and philanthropy not only inspiring, but representative of everything ScissorsCut App stands for.

Let’s jump right in and meet Patricia Dominguez.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the businesses that flex are the ones that survive and thrive. Patricia Dominguez is not only the founder and CEO of ScissorsCut App, she’s also a money and wealth coach, entrepreneur and busy mother of quadruplets.

She sees the problems solved by this beauty app from all angles. She’s lived it and now she’s offering a genuine solution that will help you advance and grow your business. 

Tell us about your history in the business. Is ScissorsCut App your first at-home beauty services endeavor?

“I’m a mother of quadruplets, a businesswoman with clients to serve and many more commitments. I spend time with my kids in their extracurricular activities, competitions, recitals…and that leaves me and my family with very limited time for personal beauty care.

A friend of mine, who’s a great hairstylist, would come by the house to do our hair. After she left the city, my boys needed haircuts on a Monday before an Air Cadets event. I couldn’t find anyone to do it.

Most barbers in my area are closed on Mondays, so I started feeling desperate. I called all the salons and spas I could find—but all the answers were the same: we don’t provide beauty services to children.

I rushed, scrolling through the app store on my phone, searching for one that could help me on such short notice. I found nothing.

And so, I took it upon myself to solve the problem. I decided to create a user-friendly mobile application that could connect busy families with Beauty Professionals.

It would get certified and passionate Hairdressers, Makeup Artists, Nail Technicians and Skin-Care Specialists into people’s homes when they needed them the most.

When my family’s stylist came back into town, she helped me with the beauty industry logistics and lent her knowledge. She’s now our Creative Director.”

What figures have inspired you to create and manage ScissorsCut App?

“Mainly my parents. I’m also inspired by Sara Blakely, who started without financial support, went through so much and still made it. Sarah also has four children (including twins).

There’s also Richard Branson, a multipreneur who does business in a very smart way.

And of course, Michelle Obama, who empowers women to pursue their dreams at all costs.”

It’s been said that the path to success contains a lot of twists and turns—that it’s never a straight line. What have your experiences and struggles been as a woman entrepreneur developing a beauty app and more?

“I absolutely believe that in order to succeed at anything, you have to take one step at a time. My experiences pursuing entrepreneurship have been very fulfilling, in the sense that I have learned a lot from all the obstacles and failures…as well as the decisions that have kept my ventures moving.  

The most challenging part is the lack of financial and emotional support for start-ups (particularly those owned by women). I’ve seen more funding and help going toward those owned by men.

There is a misinterpretation that women are just good for raising families, and that they aren’t capable of running companies. That’s totally wrong!”

How will being Colombian affect the success of this beauty app?

“Having Colombian heritage in my veins gives me the strength and the foundation to do whatever it takes, until the work is done. Colombian people are family- and goal-oriented, courageous, committed, determined and very passionate in everything we do.”

What does your perfect workday at ScissorsCut App look like?

“A perfect workday for me is one where I learn something new. I might make a mistake, learn a lesson from someone inside or outside the company, or I might find a new way of doing things that helps me and everyone in the company to optimize our time and resources.”

What keeps you going as CEO of ScissorsCut App? And whom do you look to after a not-so-perfect day?

“When the results of a day are less than expected, despite all the effort, I just take a moment to meditate on why I’m doing what I’m doing. I remind myself that I want to have more income, give back to communities in need and become a philanthropist.

Then I say to myself, ‘The sun rises up every morning, and so will I.’

My purpose is bigger than a bad day. I look to my future self and see my dreams achieved.”

What’s your advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs—inside and outside the beauty app realm?

“I’ve always been very supportive of all the female entrepreneurs around me. I remind them all the time to ask for help and support from a business coach, an incubator or any organization offering mentorship.

It’s imperative to be educated about how to start and manage a business.

I also advise them to create a calendar for the important day-to-day things they need to do…including self-care.”

What has the At-Home Beauty Services industry taught you about entrepreneurial assets?

“Time management is a skill that needs to be developed as soon as possible, so every important task gets done. No procrastination is allowed.

When you keep your word, that’s living with integrity and that acts as your business card.

Also, true grit is a must. Being resilient and persistent keeps you moving, no matter what.”

Being the CEO of ScissorsCut App and a mother to four children are not easy tasks. How do you perform at your best every day?

“Having an organized schedule and workspace is vital. A morning routine is also a must, so my energy levels can keep me in balance throughout the day.

I also believe in delegating and having the best work practices so I can deliver my own expectations and targets. I do ask for help, and the people who work with me are the best at what they do.”

What does philanthropy mean to you? And how will ScissorsCut App help you to achieve that?

“Philanthropy is my ultimate goal. Having the financial resources to give back to the world means a lot to me, and ScissorsCut App will help people both in its operation and its residual funds.

I want to improve the human condition by giving people access to life-skills education—so they can create their own sources of income and lead better lives. Then they can help others to do the same, with a snowball effect.”

At-Home Beauty Services with ScissorsCut App

We might be a little biased, but we happen to think Patricia Dominguez is one of the most kind and empathetic entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. She understands your struggles as a beauty professional and entrepreneur. She also relates, on a very personal level, to the challenges your clients face.

That’s why she’s created this beauty app. It solves two problems at once. It supplies services to families who don’t have the time to pursue personal care. It also gives certified beauty experts a new channel for finding new clients, offering new types of services, expanding their businesses and increasing profits.

If you’re a certified provider of hair, skin or nail services in the Ontario area, download ScissorsCut App now (iOS or Android). Busy families are waiting for your at-home beauty services—and this beauty app is the most innovative, cutting-edge tool available for making those connections. Get it today!

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  1. Congratulations! Love what you created – helping moms and dads solving one more problem so that they can focus on loving the family up!!!

  2. Could not be more than proud and grateful for such an awesome and amazing woman in our lives!! Such an inspiration!

  3. Wow, what a unique initiative and impressive story! I absolutely love the idea behind it, giving easy access to beauty and wellness to everyone. Congratulations. This is inspiring!

  4. Congratulations Patricia!
    This is such an innovative idea! Beauty and Wellness easily booked and provided in the comfort of home. Wishing you much success!!

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